The South of Italy will restart with young people and it will do this with Ready to START – wake UP, an innovative project aimed at sharing ideas, bringing people together and giving new shape to their dreams.

Youth unemployment continues to be the true social emergency of our country. Especially in the South, young people, although they do not lack preparation, find it difficult to apply and use all their skills in different markets. Discouraged and disappointed, they leave their homeland to live where their merit is rewarded and valued.
This emigration of talent also contributes to an ageing of the country. This is a problem that affects the entire nation, even more so in the South where this situation also increases the sense of frustration amongst young academics and researchers.

Believe to act. For “#Believeit”, this is our starting point.

The age of the brain drain, however, can also be faced as a concrete opportunity that offers further possibilities and innovative ideas for development and growth in Southern Italy. There is a natural requirement to buffer this serious hemorrhage of human capital in the South and to build on the excellence of those who are deciding to compete and bet on their future elsewhere; especially in an even more increasingly dynamic and competitive economic structure, the most capable and willing young people must represent the added value that is necessary to build a new future.This is a challenge that concerns everyone and calls for a new sense of responsibility.

Starting now, this is the birth of an initiative that has the specific objective to support young people and stimulate in all of them their optimism and courage. We want to welcome their expectations and their aspirations. We want to support them alongside their own training path, offering them the tools to face the challenges of the new 4.0 society.

The ready to START - wake Up event aims to facilitate the launch and development of innovative high-tech companies, promoting a new culture of entrepreneurship, giving more space to the ideas, to the creativity, to the dreams of those young people who, if they are properly supported, will be able to affirm themselves and become the "leaders of tomorrow".

It will be an opportunity to see the world through the eyes of young people.From listening, confrontation and sharing, we want to be supporters of a change and rebirth of the South.

This will be an experience that, on one hand, will contribute to personal and professional growth, on the other hand will teach participants to connect with the world until they feel constantly part of an evolving economic system in which young people too can be recognized as active protagonists.

The goal, on the one hand, is to encourage self-employment as an alternative to unemployment and, on the other, to lay the foundations for the creation of a physical space that can be shared by those who will be able to get involved continually with renewed enthusiasm. The real protagonists of this adventure will be young people, not only from the South, but also those from other regions or from other countries, who have a desire and interest to invest in Southern Italy.



"Whatever you can do, whatever dream you can dream of, start.
Audacity carries in itself genius, magic and strength.
Start now. "[Johann Wolfgang Göethe]