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Ready To Start – Wake Up, 2018 Programme

During two full days of training, you will experience, at the same time, practical strategies for innovation and successful case studies presented by 14 speakers who are sectoral players of international renown.

The first day we had created for you three very important moments:

ready to …LEARN 

14 dynamic and engaging workshops, with real "gurus" of the European innovation landscape. Experts from the UK, Croatia, Greece, Romania and Italy will talk about their experiences and share with you their "visions" of our future, everything we have yet to "create".

InnovaDrink –cocktails for the brain -“innovATTIVI”

We have created for you a unique opportunity: to talk face-to-face, for 20 wonderful minutes, with international speakers who will share a drink with you in the exclusive "InnovaSquare".

Each of our experts is ready to engage directly with you when you make a reservation for this great opportunity..

The formula of "cocktails for the brain- innovATTIVI" is meant to give birth to new relationships in an informal environment that will leave you inspired by the experiences that you will share with some of the greatest European experts in this field.

You can't miss this chance! And the culture of innovation that inspires this initiative, because we #believe that ideas are born when individuals meet and talk with each other.

InnovaTALK: This shoiw on the evening of the 11th of May will be the highlight of Ready to START – wake UP.

This Talk Show, moderated by RAI journalist Barbara Carfagna, will conclude the first day of the event, devoted to the international study of innovation and the importance of youth led development of social enterprises. The Talk Show will be a unique opportunity for you to learn from a panel of experts about the challenges that lie ahead for those who want to  "make our World a better place".

The second day will be dedicated to a Competition for young people

They will PITCH to conquer an audience of entrepreneurs who will evaluate the proposals and will assign 4 Awards of  €2000 each.

Gala Dinner

Do not forget this not to be missed event on the evening of May 11th, the Gala Dinner – ready to START, a unique opportunity for networking topped of by good food that only Puglia knows how to provide.

Reserve your chance to sit alongside our guests – some of the most important speakers in Europe.










Mattina 11 Maggio 2018

Giammarco Terracciano

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Pomeriggio 11 Maggio 2018

Giovanni De Lisi

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