District 2120, as we know it now, was born on 1 July 1995 and includes the Rotary clubs of Puglia and Basilicata. However, Rotary District has an ancient history: the founding of the first Rotary Club in Bari dates back to 1933, while the Potenza and Matera Clubs go back to the 50’s.

The current structure of the District 2120 derives from a consecutive series of geographical restructurings changes of the Italian Rotary; from District 190 to 210 and to 2100. The latter, until June 1995, these brought together, in the same district, Puglia, Basilicata, Campania and Calabria.

The community that formed over the years, includes today 55 clubs with 2330 members actively engaged in the territory with the aim of improving the lives of people locally and globally.

The soul of the District is in passion and in the service of the Rotary Club, disseminated throughout the country, detecting and welcome members who, through their enhanced professional and social leadership, direct operational engagements towards the realization of the Rotarian values of selfless service, peace and universal brotherhood, according to the extraordinary lesson of lawyer Paul Harris, founder of Rotary.

The Rotarians Clubs act as educational and communication hubs, the location of coordination and support services and as a points of of connection between the different territories of Rotary International. The District offers a presence and programmatic directions and carries out meetings and thematic workshops oriented to the study of the problems of the contemporary world and the resolution of internal problems, and practical challenges of the territory in order to trigger changes in economic and social development.