Sharing ideas, bringing people together and giving new shape to their dreams.

These are the objectives stated for the innovative project “ready to START – wake UP”, which Rotary International 2120 District wants to realise next May.

With This initiative, Rotary intends to make a significant and concrete approach towards the new generations (young people,18 to 35, who can participate individually or in association with others), with the perspective of increasing the value of creativity and the spirit of enterprise, encouraging the creation of new hi tech mission companies in the macro areas such as digital handicraft,fin tech and social care.  

In other words, Rotary intends young people to restart, outside any charitable or paternalistic logic by recognizing the preciousness or, better, the indispensability of the general growth of their role and their contribution, for their creativity, the audacity of their ideas and dreams and of their own sense of the future.

There’s no more Rotarian way to look at young people than to see in them the potential capability of leadership and to contribute, somehow, to the development of this ability. This is a service which it must be offered in an absolutely bilateral way that is about giving and receiving, as should be the case in every action of any real service.

This is all about building with young people a common destiny: a destiny in which we want being mutual growth and not only a destiny which leads them to abandon their original lands, condemning them to an inevitable process of ageing and impoverishment.

Trying to stop this exodus of the best talents, means believing in all of them and in their contribution of innovation also, rather than primarily, in the entrepreneurial field. For this reason “#believeit” is the perfect pay-off of this project.

To Believe means also to award merit and excellence.  We need to do this more for ourselves and not only for therm. We can’t see a real redemption for our region if we don’t drastically bypass the underground family clientele culture (one of the main cause of that escape) to a more meritocratic culture. Unless we make this choice there will never be that new young entrepreneurial culture that we need to render us more competitive in the whole World. Rotary was born as association of professionals devoted to the common good and, for this reason, it cannot lose this battle and, for this main reason, this battle cannot be lost by Rotary of the South of Italy.

Rotary 2120 District it doesn’t want avoid the task of offering to our young talents a reason to believe in themselves, a real alternative to disappointment.

Ready to START – wake UP” project is meant to be the start of a journey but, first of all, a responsible social choice in the direction of mutual trust and an appointment with change.

The days of the 11nth and 12th of May 2018 when the young who pass the pre-selection process will meet themselves and us for the final phase of the contest, in which they will present their own ideas to a Commission of top level experts, encharged to choose three entrepreneurial projects identified as concrete, achievable and worthy of the accompanying contribution of Rotary. This will be a great moment for all of us.